Are you getting enough? Fruits and Vegetables that is!


You’ve heard it 1000 times by now.  Eat 7-13 servings of fruits and vegetables per day to improve health, maintain a healthy body weight, and to hopefully prevent disease. Easier said than done!

Incorporating more fruits and vegetables in your diet first needs to be a conscious choice. Choose fruit or a shake instead of cereal or toast in the morning. Choose a salad instead of a sandwich or a burger at lunch. Choose steamed vegetables or a salad instead of French fries at dinner.

WAIT. A. MINUTE…French fries are potatoes. Potatoes are a vegetable, so they count towards my 7-13 servings of fruits and vegetables, right? THINK AGAIN.  French fries may have started off as potatoes, but after processing and deep frying they no longer have any resemblance to a vegetable. So ditch the fries and opt for real veggies!

Once you’ve got some healthy habits started, it’s time to experiment with adding different vegetables into your diet.  Focus on the dark green leafy vegetables for more nutrient dense options.

Next, work on eating more raw vegetables because raw veggies have all of their nutrients intact.  Heating vegetables (and fruits) causes some of the nutrient potency to be lost.

Some great ways to incorporate raw vegetables in your diet are:
– Salads – stay tuned for some creative salad ideas in an upcoming blog
– Vegetable sticks and hummus or guacamole
– Fruit Salad
– Load a lettuce wrap with a mixture of cucumber, peppers, tomatoes, onion, lettuce and sprouts and top with Blueberry Cashew Dressing.


all-jp-products-photo-editedJuice Plus+ is a way to bridge the gap between what we SHOULD eat (a minimum of 7-13 servings every single day) and what we actually DO eat. Whether you want to add more fruits & vegetables to your diet with our capsules or chewables and shakes or grow it yourself, we are 100% committed to providing the best nutrition possible! Our products are highly BIO-AVAILABLE and NSF certified so you can be sure that what’s on the label is in the bottle. All the Juice Plus products are non-GMO and free of all pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.

Capsules for adults and Chewables for children are available (ask me how to receive your children’s order for free! (for real), as well as protein powder that is actually delicious and not grainy or chalky. You can also order protein bars to fuel your fruit and vegetable intake at snack time.





If you have any questions or would like assistance placing your order, email me!


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