My Story



I spent the first 30 years of my life struggling with my weight, not accepting myself for who I am and generally feeling terrible about how I looked. It didn’t help that I had red hair, freckles and glasses! I turned to food as comfort, as a friend to keep me company if I was lonely, sad, or even bored. As I gained more and more weight, I began disliking my body even more and the terrible cycle continued. After going back to school to become a Holistic Nutritionist, to learn more about food and how it can help the body to heal, I was able to make the scientific links to understand what fuelled my body best. But it really didn’t put the last piece of the puzzle together for me, which was healing what had become a food addiction. After many years of struggling, I have finally realized that I have significant emotional triggers that ignite various food cravings, and the way that I am healing (we are always a work in progress!) is to pour massive amounts of self-LOVE onto my whole SELF. This is something that I had never done before, or even considered. Now, every action I take throughout the day is an act of self love. I love myself by choosing healthy, ripe, delicious, real food that loves me back by providing abundant hydration, nutrients, minerals and vitamins. I love myself by joyfully moving my body and honouring its needs. (I don’t work out with the mentality of “no pain, no gain” as a form of punishing myself for not having the “perfect body”). I love myself by meditating, doing yoga, drinking lots of fresh water, dancing, speaking to myself with a kind voice, and surrounding myself with people who accept me and love me for who I am. My story used to be that I hated my body (and therefore my self) and punished myself for not being perfect. NOW… MY STORY is that I am a red-haired goddess that loves myself abundantly and acts out of self love in every action I do! And I want that for you too. My Story is that my life is in service to YOU – the beautiful women that want to look and feel Fabulous, while enjoying a Luscious, healthy lifestyle. Sure, I guide you into making healthy lifestyle choices that transform your entire world, but what I’m really doing is showing you how to LOVE yourself and create magic in your life. Thank you so much for being here with me. I am truly honoured to have you as part of our community. I can’t wait to meet you!!



~ I love the sun (I think I’m solar powered!)


          ~My desk must be beside a window, I need to see the outdoors if I have to be indoors


~I grew up on a commercial farm, we grew strawberries, raspberries, pumpkins and a full garden of vegetables



~ I love to travel through Central and South America


   ~ I am learning Spanish


~ I love to salsa dance, which is how I met my beloved


~ my beloved is Peruvian (I manifested him from notes I made on a sticky note …seriously)


~ I have studied Inca Shamanism for many years and was able to practice with Curanderos when I was travelling through Peru



~ I dislike the mainstream media’s attempts to keep us in the dark
   (I want all of the real truths and want to find the real news!)


~ I love the ocean


~ But I’m terrified of boats


                  ~ I have red hair (which influences everything in my world!)


~ I am a barefooted goddess, you will rarely find me in socks





 ~ My favourite place on earth is in a Latin American market, surrounded by an abundance of colourful textiles


~ I have founded an organization called Project Elevation to help our global community. Our first endeavour is to support the textile weavers and their families in the High Andes, and to support the tradition. (let me know if you’d like to join me!)




                            ~ I crochet and make jewellery like it’s my job 

~ I don’t wait in lines well


~ I want to learn the art of photography (I’m an expert at the point and shoot method!)


~ I believe in the goodness of others


~ I am a Reiki Master, Practitioner and Teacher, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, a Quantum-Touch® Practitioner, I have a diploma in Natural Nutrition, a diploma in Marketing and Advertising Design, and a degree in Communications


~ I’m also a Graphic Designer and Marketing Consultant (among other things!) and if you want to see my design side, check out Infinergy Communications